Welcome to the website for Kal-Valley Bass Club

We are a group of local Bass fishermen and ladies that enjoy a day of fishing with friends and family. Most of our tournaments are held in or around the Kalamazoo area on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Our club prides itself on keeping our tournaments friendly, no one is a stranger, just a fisherman we have not yet fished with. We of course welcome the seasoned tournament fishermen but we also welcome those who are beginners in tournament fishing. Do not leave the wife and kids out of the excitement of tournament fishing. Your club membership covers the whole family.

Allow me to give you a little background about our club. We have been around for so many years that no one really knows when the club got its start. We started out with a draw system for partners, when you joined and after each tournament, you would draw a name for a new partner at the next tournament. Back in those days, we used to do only eight tournaments per season and a club classic in the fall. We might have been a small club back then but we did draw some names known to the sport of bass fishing which would become well known in the future. One of our past members was none other than Kevin VanDam. KVD and his brother (Randy VanDam) fished with us and to this day are proud to say they were members of Kal-Valley.

These days our club has evolved to fit the style of today’s fishermen and ladies but the basic reasons for the club are still there. We still pride ourselves on helping the new person to our sport learn how to bass fish and how to figure out the best way to catch these fish. We still go the extra step to get kids and ladies into the sport of bass fishing by offering free membership to the family member of a paid member.

We do more tournaments each season and offer rewards for fishing with us at each tournament and even bigger prizes to members after the classic. Kal-Valley organizes sixteen regular tournaments each season in which members get a chance at winning gift cards and some extra rewards for attending the tournament. We still have a member-only classic at the end of the season that pays out prize money to anyone that brings in fish to the classic weigh-in. This last season we had a drawing where members won rods and reels plus some great baits from a local supplier.  As you can see, in addition to enjoying a day of fishing you get rewarded for fishing with us.

I would like it to be known that even though there are many bass fishing tournament trails out there we are one of the few that is run by the membership. Kal-Valley Bass Club might not be a part of any big trial but we do have a great group of members that join us each week. We do try to keep the size of our tournaments to a reasonable number, so we only allow twenty-five boats at each tournament.

For more details on how the club is run and past tournaments please check out the tabs on the right side of this page. I tried to set it up so you can find out what is happening within the club and you can learn how we have done things in the past. From the rules we use during the season, to how many boats attend each tournament, it is all there. If you have a question about Kal-Valley Bass Club or want some more information, please use the Club’s Contact Page tab on this page. I normally reply within a day or two and will even give you a call to answer your question if you leave a phone number.

I hope to see you on the water this coming spring.

Kevin H. Wilder
Tournament director